Wandering Soul: Keith Kellet @NomadKeith

When I first began my travel writing journey I joined an online community of travel writers. Most of the personalities I only knew virtually, but I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few people from this community in real life. For me, this was the social part of that animal called new, online media.

I was invited on a luxury press junket to London and delayed my return flight so that I could explore some parts of the UK by BritRail Pass. It was an adventure filled with a late night haul of my luggage up and down stairs through Paddington Station and even hopping over gate to catch the Tube one night after the ticket desk was closed. One of my stops was in Salisbury where I was met by the always friendly Keith Kellet, author of Travelrat’s Travels.

Stonehenge image by Shannon Hurst Lane

Stonehenge Ales

Keith gave me a tour of Stonehenge and Woodhenge, and we even visited a tea house in Amesbury, near where Keith lives. One of the highlights was visiting Stonehenge Ales where I sampled Pigswill.

Since I opted to stay overnight and sleep in the same room where the Beatles stayed during a film shoot, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Avebury, one of the coolest places I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend visiting Avebury over Stonehenge, if given a choice.


Before heading back to the train station, Keith and I spent the afternoon with the lovely and very pregnant Sasha Stokes, another travel writing colleague from the online community of travel writers.

Travel writers Shannon Hurst Lane, Keith Kellet, and Sasha Stokes

Since that adventure so many years ago, Keith and I have stayed in touch. He’s contributed to GiftedTravel.com and thanks to social media tools such as FaceBook and Twitter, we’re able to keep up with each others continued adventures around the world.

Be sure to check out Keith’s blog, Travelrat’s Travels and sign up for his dispatches from Europe and beyond. To read more about Keith, check out his bio and also his interview on VTravelled, the Virgin Atlantic blog. And be sure to follow Keith on Twitter: @NomadKeith

Keith – Thanks so much for being my tour guide and taking me to visit some of the places near your home.


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    You’re most welcome!

    When are you coming again; I know some great local artists I’d love to have you meet!

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