Troy Landry from History Channel’s Swamp People

The first season of Swamp People was a hit on History Channel. The second season is finished filming and airs March 31, bringing Louisiana swamps into living rooms all over the United States.

Shannon Hurst Lane and Troy Landry

I took a day trip to the home of Troy Landry, one of the popular stars of this series. He’s taken the world by storm with his Choot ‘em t-shirts and logo items. Mr. Landry and his family were friendly and downright nice people, opening their home to sit down for a cup of Community Coffee and a conversation about life, Louisiana, and being a television sensation.

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  1. Judy Mimranek says:

    The Landry family are the kind of people that I would love to have as neighbors. They seem like great people. Hard working and friendly, just plain well grounded people ! Very good program . Not filled with murder and sex and filthy language. A program I am proud to let my grandchildren watch. Please keep them coming. Thanks and good luck for the future.

  2. stan kobelski says:

    I finally have found a show i can watch at nite, with my 4 year old granddaughter. although she would rather be watching sponge bob she occasionally watches swamp people with me. You guys have a great show. keep up the good work. We dont have alligators around here, but one of my best friends reminds me so much of you people, he has been doing the same thing with snapping turtles all his life .Its like a ritual to him which starts about the first week o fishing season up here in Ct. Hes 70 and still going strong. Building traps catching bait ,trapping snappers.Hes got a turtle pen out back of the house and there might be 40 or 50 snappers in it Quite a site. Nice talking to you Troy watch yer fingers. Stan Kobelski Jewett city Ct.

  3. love your show…my friends and i play swamp people trivia…

  4. troy,want you to know how much we love the show,my family and i cant wait till thur,its better than mon nite football.last nites show was the bomb,you almost sunk the boat man.those were some huge gators,liz,jacob,are great also.we are your #1fan you make the show,,we have a ball watching you yell shoot-em..please keep the show going,the history channel is #1 but your show is the best,,yall be careful,us country folks in pine mtn ga love ya,,god bless,,you and the rest of the swampers,,hub davis pine mtn ga,,,i sell trucks,have over 250 in stock,if we can help you guys,,,,

  5. Ruby White says:

    Hello Troy. O.M.G.!!!!! You dont even know big of a man crush my husband has on you. He is SO dying to meet you. We are planning a vacation soon. I suggested that we ought to go to ur home town. All he wants to do is have 1 or 2 or 3 or however many beers you’ll have with him. i promise you that we are not weirdos, or ,crazy. LOL . SOOOO whens a good time for you. you ought to see the gators we have down here in south TX. You could swat gator stories. But i promise you he has nothing on you. I would love for him to meet you, and i would love to have the oppurtunityto give him the best gift for our anniversery
    Who knows, you might like, i do.

  6. Ruby White says:

    OH by the way. Did i mention that you are his favorite person in the world & thats kind of hard to believe because im a pretty damn awesome.

  7. Gregg Alexander says:

    Mr Troy, we love the show up here in Pickens County Alabama. Right on the Tombigbee River. We see gators all the time when fishing on the back water and sloughs. You folks be careful and have fun.

  8. billy sugg jr. says:

    I think troy and his family or very,very,very good people.I like very much if Troy contact me .Im in Louisville,kentucky.(502)-778-XXXX I like to get some ALLIGATOR MEAT from him,also to take to him. Thank: You. Billy Sugg Jr.

  9. Susan Spreng says:

    I just wanted to let Troy and all the guys and girl (Liz) from Swamp people know how much we love this show. It’s a never miss for me and I tape it also just so I can watch in off season so I don’t go into withdrawal. I think you are all fantastic and it’s so exciting to watch you guys go after those big gators. Please all of you be careful.. Loved last season and this one is even better. I enjoy that you added RJ and Jay Paul, they are wonderful to watch father and son work together. And for Liz, she’s a great girl. Love how she puts up with Troys’ teasing. Really liked seeing her away from the boat at Troys for a feed. Liz you are super cute, these guys are hunting the wrong thing.

  10. love you and the show wow !down to earth people ,,,,,wish i could see you at rouses !could i get a photo of you and your wife signed by yall .love yalll maria elliot ………keep on dude …thanks again maria

  11. Love your show. It is a show the whole family can watch no matter what age.
    Troy and his family are ‘down to earth’ Keep up the good work. Never tasted alligator, but it sure looks good. Your show is the best. Keep safe.

  12. Hellooo Mr. Troy, my husband and I love you guys so much. Never a dull moment.Thank you.
    Tucson,Az 520-358-XXXX

  13. Hi, Mr. Troy Landry

    My name is Troy Landry also. I am 10 years old , I am a big fan of yours and swamp people. I would really like to meet you. When are you coming close to Lake Charles.

  14. Hello Troy, You and Liz and your son had a Tres Beau season. Y’all caught some whoppers. Liz ain’t just the Gator Queen, she is Annie Oakley with that rifle. You didn’t miss a stroke when Clint left. You are The King of the Bayou because you put God and your family first! That’s why you’re blessed out there. Your lucky shirt helps too (lol)!!! Y’all represent the south well and make me proud to be from the Dirty South. I’m in Atlanta so I’m a Falcon fan but The Saints are next on my list!!! May the Lord continue to bless the Landry family.

  15. Troy you are the man of the Bayou..and blessed under gods safety hand. I would love to come out and spend a month involed in the hunt as my dad tought me to hunt since i was 4yrs old in Native America Oklahoma .I have greatly love watching this show each week, you are very blessed to have the family and friends of the Bayou…and have to to say to cracked me up at times.Throw Liz a snake for me…lol. Take care my Bayou friend.
    Ken(Rowdy) Cargile

  16. How long was that big, last alligator that Troy caught at the end of the show? They didn’t say how much that one was and it left us hanging…

  17. Hey Sharon, they said it was over 13 feet – I can’t remember the exact length, but it was the biggest catch of the season. Troy, I love the show (who knew?). From what I’ve seen, I think you are a well-grounded, terrific person who loves God and his family. You’re a good man, Troy Landry. I’d love to have you and your family as neighbors! And by the way, you’ve got a good team . Liz is awesome!

  18. Hi, Just wondering where I could get a signed photograph of Troy. I would love to give it to my boyfriend for his b-day. We are huge fans of the show.

  19. troy threre is a question that has been bothering me. What does thee wourlds greastest gater do when your done gater hunting. with Liz doing all the shooting no what does Jacob in the other boat. My wife says you must have a very understanding wife.

  20. troy ur the best on swamp people


    Mr.Troy my family enjoys the show sooo much! I agree with the other comments on the site about family being able to watch it. I come from a long line of gator hunters, my great great grandpa was “King of the Okeefanokee” Obidiah Barber, so my children being able to watch you is an wonderful treat for us! if your ever in Myrtle Beach look us up I’ll make some coffee.
    David, Stephanie,Jesse,Jonathan,Jacob and Jabe Faircloth.

  22. hi Troy just wanted to let you know that we lived your show so much that my husband tells me that i can immitate you so well when i say yeah/ yeah/ yeah / or shootem Elizabeth / we really would love to meet you can you respond to my email or call us at our cell number 720-382-0710 so we can know how to get to your place to meet you thank you

  23. Ted Broder says:

    Hi Troy, I’m from northern Illinois, everytime I run into a neighbor, the first thing out of their mouth is “choot Elizabeth”, we all get a charge out of you up here. Anyways when does season 3 air. The farmers harvesting their crops are hoping, when they get done. I’m hoping sooner! Can’t wait to see you and crazy willy. Thanks for a great show, TB

  24. Kim & Oscar says:

    Hi Mr. Landry, I want you to know that my husband and I absolutely enjoy watching Swamp People but we especially get a kick out of watching you and Ms. Liz hunt them gators! When you’re shoutin’ at the gators, you remind me so much of my dad who lives on the Gulf Coast. We go to the Coast every year at Christmas and it would be a complete blast if my husband and I could meet you all one day! Take care of yourselves and happy gator huntin’! We’ll be sure to look out for y’all in the next season!! K & O

  25. my husband and i watch you all the time he now calls me lizzabet,and all that choot em lizzabet,i had to tell him to stop doing it outside cause the new neighbors little girls name is elizabeth,anyhow i would love to have the honors of visiting your family my husband would have so much fun,i want to do as much as i can as i have multible sclerosis and never know from day 2 day what is in store for me,please let me know how we could meet you,love debbie

  26. Jim Spiers says:

    Mr. Landry,
    Thank you for the respect and sincerity that you bring to your show. You embody the kind of person I wish I could be and I use your segments on the show as “life lessons” for my 9 year old. The world would be a better place if there were more people (especially on television) who conducted themselves the way in which you do.
    I noticed that you all are marketing your own merchandise. I think many people would be interested in recipes from your family as opposed to those “fixed up” by some famous chef (especially Mrs. Landry Senior’s Oyster Dressing!) because they’d be as genuine as you appear.
    In your own way you have become an American “hero” that’s real to normal people as opposed to watching the wealthy and less wise portray themselves.
    Thank you and your family for simply being who you are.
    Jim Spiers

  27. CAROLINA says:

    I love you Troy!!!

  28. steve parragh says:

    Troy how would like to come to my world and spend a couple of weeks with me hunting moose in northern Alberta.
    Then I can yell choot!

  29. dear troy

    i am 13 years old and i am a hunter and a huge fan of yours i would love to get your address so if you could email it to me so i could mail to you i would love it.
    you don’t have to worry about me giving out your address i promise i will not share it
    thanks for your time
    your friend

  30. Mr. Landry,
    My husband and I LOVE your show!! I hope you will keep it on. Some of the other ‘gater hunters’ on the show are not fun to watch as they use some bad language. Other then that, we love watching you , Clint and your sons!! We are just two old people in Seneca, Mo. , which is a very small Missouri town.ha we’re in bac health and cannot travel anymore but sure would love to meet you before our time runs out. GOD bless you and your family! Bill & Donna

  31. I love your show, i am from florida, i will never go into the water. but i love your show. When you were in Florida i missed your appearance, but i will see you the next time you are here.
    You and your family seem to have a great relationship, I think that is why i love the show. I am not your typical fan, but you would be surprised that your show crosses racial lines.

    Keep up the good work.

  32. Troy your the best hope you can write back yeah yeah yeah

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