Community Coffee is my Travel Companion

It may sound weird to hear that a coffee brand is my travel companion, but it's true. I'm not a paid spokesperson for the company. I'm just a life-long loyal consumer of Community Coffee. Here in Louisiana, especially south Louisiana, we've been raised on this coffee. I'm the fourth generation in my family to start my mornings with Community Coffee. When I travel, I've always found hotel coffee to be distasteful. That's why I bring my own with me, wherever I go. Plus, it's helped me stay sane … [Read more...]

Troy Landry from History Channel’s Swamp People

Shannon Hurst Lane and Troy Landry

The first season of Swamp People was a hit on History Channel. The second season is finished filming and airs March 31, bringing Louisiana swamps into living rooms all over the United States. I took a day trip to the home of Troy Landry, one of the popular stars of this series. He's taken the world by storm with his Choot 'em t-shirts and logo items. Mr. Landry and his family were friendly and downright nice people, opening their home to sit down for a cup of Community Coffee and a … [Read more...]

Bunn Phase Brew and Community Coffee

I've been on the hunt for a really good coffee maker. I even asked around on how to get one of those office quality brewers from Bunn, but they were a bit out of my prices range. Then, my favorite coffee company finally began to offer a Bunn home brewing system. I was about to place a personal order online when Community Coffee sent me a Bunn Phase Brew to review. This home coffee brewing system is a new product available at and is sold as a package with five pounds of … [Read more...]