My Famous Neighbor

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Paige Bowers.

I heard this name for years from Donna K. Smith, a luxury hotel and destinations PR fabulouso. Donna couldn’t believe Paige and I had never met, and she was sure we would just love each other.

Two summers ago new neighbors moved in across the street. I stepped over to welcome them to the neighborhood, and asked all the nosey questions I do of everyone I meet. Within a few minutes, Donna’s name came up, sealing our immediate friendship. It was Fate. Kismet. It was THE Paige Bowers.

Here we are, many wine bottles, laughs, and a few tears later. I was taking a bubble bath and enjoying a glass of wine left over from the weekend, when my daughter runs into the bathroom.

Lauren: Mom, you have GOT to come see this.
Me: Can’t you see I’m taking a bath. You know the rule. No one is supposed to bother me.
Lauren: Mom. Ms. Paige is on Undercover Boss drinking wine.
Me: Holy $hit!

I grabbed my robe and ran dripping across the wood floors into the main living are of the house. Lauren recorded the show and we went back so that I could see Paige. I tweeted her. A moment later Paige is at the door. I grab her a glass and pour some wine as we watched a replay of a moment from Paige’s trip to Napa with her friend Michelle. They knew they were being filmed all those months ago, but had no idea what show, if ever, it would air.

I may have been a bit ticked off at CBS yesterday for leaving golf fans hanging during the sudden death at the PGA tournament at Torrey Pines, but they made up for it with the Kendall-Jackson Wines episode of Undercover Boss, a reality show.

Paige Bowers isn’t just one cool chick, she’s my neighbor and friend. We’ve had a few adventures together and there are many more in our future.

And Donna, you were spot on!

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