Images of George Washington Zeus Statue Mentioned in The Lost Symbol

I’ve been getting many emails requests for more images of the George Washington Zeus Statue mentioned in The Lost Symbol. Please keep in mind, I hadn’t read the book when these pictures were taken, but I felt this need to take pictures of it from different angles.

The statue itself is located in the Smithsonian Museum of American History, where such cool items like The Ruby Slippers, The Star Spangled Banner, and Julia Child’s Kitchen can also be found. I even spied C3PO from Star Wars hanging around the museum.

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George Washington Statue Full

Side detail of George Washington statue

Engraving at base of George Washington statue

Side etchings on base of George Washington statue

Side etching on base of George Washington statue

Sword in hand of George Washington statue

Disclaimer: I was compensated by free admission into the museum. You can do the same, as there is no charge for admission!


  1. I sniff a new burst of Dan Brown mania after the various European sites became heavily visited from the last two books. I look forward to reading his latest book.

  2. Eu amei suas fotos. Traduct: I love images, very good.

  3. Great picture! Would you know about the painting in the Smithsonian Museum (a fresco) depicting Washington as Zeus?

  4. Victor, you may be thinking of the Apotheosis of Washington in the Capitol Rotunda. I took a photo but didn’t have a zoom lens –

  5. Estoy leyendo el Simbolo perdido y anote esa referncias y quise aberiguar, tus fotos estan interesantes te felicito si tienes algo mas que compatir con migo te agradeceria y te mndo el correo.armando estoy en Medellin colombia departamento de Antioquia

  6. Randy Williams says:

    Why was GW portrayed in the manner in which we see him in this statue? Are there any hidden meanings or was this simply a way of honoring the man for his many contributions to the United States?

  7. realy nice! having read about Dan Brown’s book ‘the lost symbol’ has got me thinking, as 4 d images, i now get d clearer picture. but what about the tatoos that were said to be found on the palms and fingers? i dont think i see them here?

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