Best Beignets in Baton Rouge: Coffee Call

When people hear mention of the beignet, immediate thoughts of Café du Monde in the French Quarter come to mind. However, one doesn’t have to venture to New Orleans to experience the sweet delights of café au lait and beignets.

Beignets by Shannon Hurst Lane

But, what is a beignet, you ask? A beignet is many things, but for me, it is fried dough in a square shape served hot and covered in powdered sugar. Many theories of its origin include a breakfast treat brought to Louisiana by the Acadians or a pastry brought from France to New Orleans by the Ursaline Nuns. Today we refer to beignets as a French Market donut, but it is served in different ways all over south Louisiana.

Before I tasted a beignet at Café du Monde in New Orleans, I only knew the beignets of Coffee Call in Baton Rouge. On special Saturday mornings in my childhood, my mother would bring my brother and I for this treat. These visits were usually reserved when my aunt and grandmother would come for a visit. As I reached high school, Coffee Call was the place where a few of us would venture, imagining we were mature enough to hang out with the college crowd that could be found there. When I married and moved in with my husband, our condo was on College Drive, just a few blocks away. I’m sure the proximity of this cafe attributed to the large amount of weight I gained while I was pregnant with my first baby.

Coffee Call has always been Emergency Services friendly, meaning police officers, EMS workers, and fire department personnel in uniform always got the hookup. Many nights when I was working at the fire department, I was given porter duties, meaning I was the gopher. My supervisor would send me to Coffee Call to procure sustenance in the form of caffeine and beignets for our entire crew. I would end up spending a much longer time than intended due to my philosophical conversations with Eddie D. Eddie is the icon of Coffee Call and when I would enter the building he would exclaim loudly “Fire Chief! Where ya been?” Eddie has a way of making patrons of Coffee Call feel special. I will admit, many of the late night frequenters of Coffee Call can be deemed special in that weird one sock wearing crazy hair way.

Beignets and Cafe au Lait by Shannon Hurst Lane

Coffee Call has since moved from those days (thanks, Wal-Mart) and is still in the same block, but no longer has that gritty feel. Yesterday, after one of my latest procedures, my mom felt I deserved a bit of sweetness, so she brought me to Coffee Call. We each had an order of beignets while mom sipped on a café au lait, and I partook of Eddie’s special concoction of half café au lait, half hot chocolate. It sure did taste good and we didn’t even care that we were both wearing black.

Prepare to get messy when eating beignets!

Prepare to get messy when eating beignets!

Here’s a video of Eddie from a customer’s YouTube page.

Coffee Call
3132 College Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70808-3180
(225) 925-9493

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  1. says

    I couldn’t agree with you more about coffee call’s beignets being the best. I have many memories of them growing up in BR. We went there after prom one night and blew the powdered sugar all over each other! lots of fun! keep up the fabulous food posts!

  2. says

    All I can express is, I’m not sure what to say! Except naturally, for the superb tips that are shared within this blog. I can think of a trillion fun strategies to read the reports on this site. I do think I will ultimately take a step employing your tips on those things I could never have been able to handle alone. You are so careful to permit me to be one of those to profit from your helpful information. Please know how a great deal I am thankful.

  3. Reese says

    Thanks for posting this. Coffee Call is definitely a gem. The beignets are great, plus they have an excellent salad bar, good soups, superior cafe au lait and iced tea, not to mention reasonable prices. And…as the video shows, the staff is super friendly and skilled.

  4. Marguerite Acosta says

    The beignets are great, but the tiny bottle of milk is way overpriced…I was shocked when for my $2.00 I was handed a miniature 1/2 or 1/4 of a pint of milk. Be warned…get the coffee, not the milk. For the $4.00 we paid for 2 milks, I could have stopped and bought a full gallon at Winn Dixie…next time, I will.

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