Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

Follow your dreams, not your fears. Image taken in Cushing, Maine at The Bee Hive. … [Read more...]

National Champagne..


Champers. Bubbly. Both monikers for the epitome of that libation for celebrations – sparkling white wine from the Champagne region of France. Not all sparkling wines are Champagne. And today is National Champagne Day, to recognize this special, unique adult beverage that is bottled with high standards in the traditional way and differentiates itself from all other sparkling wines. For me, I drink Champagne more often than not. I don’t wait for a wedding or a book deal to be signed. I … [Read more...]

Romance of the Sou..

Romantic South Logo

When I first entered into travel writing, I developed a channel on a major women's website on Romantic Getaways. It was fun to not only learn about the travel industry, but I also gained so much online experience that I was able to go on to build my own properties. Today I've gone back to my roots and would like to share with you my latest project: Romantic South. This website isn't just about romantic escapes and weekend getaways around the Southern US, but it's also about the lifestyle and … [Read more...]

Letting It Be

Cleveland Clinic

Sometimes we can't understand why things happen in our lives. Why does all the shit happen at once? Like the lyrics in that Kelly Clarkson song "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" I sometime wonder if I should now be strong enough to bench press a car. In early June, I made a visit to the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center. I have a brain tumor that is supposed to be the best kind to be diagnosed with, should there really exist such a mythical creature (if you haven't followed that story for … [Read more...]

Following the Pass..

You are never too old for fairy tales

A few years ago I was featured on Good Morning America as a success story on how to build a revenue generating blog. I remember at that time I was at Blogworld and New Media Expo as the travel track leader for the conference. That year I had the highest net income for freelancing in my career so far. And I also was losing the passion for what I was doing. That was the year I had been interviewed so many times I quit counting regarding how to make money from travel blogging. The next year I … [Read more...]

Royal Princess Shi..

Royal Princess Cruise Ship

I'm about to board my Delta flight to London Heathrow airport where I'll travel to Southampton and the new Princess Cruises Royal Princess Cruise ship. Media and dignitaries from all over the globe are gathering for this historic event. The ship's godmother is Kate Middlelton, Duchess of Combridge. The Original Royal Princess cruise ship had her own special godmother, Princess Diana. I'll be there sharing moments of my experience through social media and the new Nokia Lumia 928 that takes … [Read more...]

Nokia Adds to the ..

Tech bloggers networking at Nokia Paddington Offices

On my way home from Scotland a couple of weeks ago, I made a detour through London for a Nokia media event. It was exciting to be there in person for the reveal of the Lumia 925 and to see the recently leaked Lumia 928 in person. I tested the new devices and experienced some of the newer features, such as enhanced low-light photography and video, interchangeable colored charging plates for the 925, and being introduced to some fun new apps. I haven't had the chance to fully experience these … [Read more...]

If I Live the Life..

People come into our lives and sometimes it takes a long time to realize what the reason might be. It might be as simple as a smile. Or it could be a small kindness. But sometimes it's part of a chain reaction that leads you down a path to make things right in your world, or at least help find closure. Thanks to social media, a few years ago I met a friend who was a producer at a local news station. He moved soon after to take a position in Cleveland, Ohio. We kept in touch. In my recent … [Read more...]