You are never too old for fairy tales

Following the Passion

A few years ago I was featured on Good Morning America as a success story on how to build a revenue generating blog. I remember at that time I was at Blogworld and New Media Expo as the travel track leader for the conference. That year I had the highest net income for freelancing in […]

Royal Princess Cruise Ship

Royal Princess Ship Naming Ceremony Event Coverage

I’m about to board my Delta flight to London Heathrow airport where I’ll travel to Southampton and the new Princess Cruises Royal Princess Cruise ship. Media and dignitaries from all over the globe are gathering for this historic event. The ship’s godmother is Kate Middlelton, Duchess of Combridge. The Original Royal Princess cruise ship had […]

Tech bloggers networking at Nokia Paddington Offices

Nokia Adds to the Lumia Family + Updates Creative Studio App

On my way home from Scotland a couple of weeks ago, I made a detour through London for a Nokia media event. It was exciting to be there in person for the reveal of the Lumia 925 and to see the recently leaked Lumia 928 in person. I tested the new devices and experienced some […]

If I Live the Life I’m Given

People come into our lives and sometimes it takes a long time to realize what the reason might be. It might be as simple as a smile. Or it could be a small kindness. But sometimes it’s part of a chain reaction that leads you down a path to make things right in your world, […]

Fun Moments from #LivetheMLife Media Trip

Last week I participated in the MGM Resorts #LivetheMLife press trip. It was a fun group of bloggers and we had some amazing moments. Some of them were planned and some…..not planned at all! We ran into celebrities, we were treated like celebrities, and the most important thing? We learned all about MGM Resorts MLife […]


Testing Windows Phone WordPress App

I’m in the process of trying to simplify my life and my travels. I want to carry around less gear and be able to share more of my experiences without having to keep up with so much stuff. I really love my Nokia Lumia 920 phone and while I know it isn’t the complete answer […]